Every school deserves a KanJam School Set


KanJam is the sports game for everyone

The thing that makes the game of KanJam so much fun is that it is so accessible. This makes it ideal for schools, which is why we include KanJam School Sets in our product range. Do schools in your area already have their own KanJam sets or haven’t they been convinced yet? We’ve set out why every school ought to have its own sets.

  1. The rules are really easy! There’s no hassle with complicated rules; everyone can start playing right away! KanJam does have some basic rules of course, but they are nice and simple.
  2. KanJam can be played by anyone! It doesn’t matter whether the students are athletic or couch potatoes; everyone can be good at KanJam. That is what makes KanJam hugely popular among physical education teachers. Every student deserves to enjoy sports and exercise, and KanJam makes that possible. It’s anyone’s game!
  3. Economical purchases thanks to school sets! KanJam School Sets are available for students! That means schools can take advantage of especially low prices. With sets for 16, 24 or 32 players, there is an economically priced set for any school or class.
  4. In teams and tournament form! KanJam is a game for four players. To help students get the hang of it, teachers can start them off playing in pairs. Obviously, what makes playing KanJam in gym lessons the most fun of all is rounding them off with a tournament! That makes KanJam an even more dynamic activity. A tournament involves teams competing against each other in knockout rounds. The best teams go on to the next rounds until two finalists remain. Then one team will come out on top!
  5. There are endless variations! Besides the regular game forms, you can try an endless number of variations, so you’ll never tire of playing KanJam! How about a square playing field with a KanJam bin in each corner? Two teams compete with each other to score as many points as possible by getting the flying discs into the bins.

If you would like more information about selling to schools, please call Erwin ter Beek on +31 (0)6 5326 7259 or email him at info@kanjam.eu