Find the perfect gift for anyone; KanJam

Are you looking for the perfect gift for everyone on your list, no matter your budget? Then KanJam is something for you!


What’s KanJam?

KanJam is a fast-paced, interactive team game that is easy to learn.

Consisting of two target goals and a flying disc, four players, on two teams, take turns throwing and deflecting the disc as they try to score points by hitting or entering the goal.
The first team to score 21 points wins the game, unless a player throws a hugely popular “Instant Win.”

Benefits of KanJam

  • KanJam is activity, teamwork, and healthy competition (without physical contact)
  • KanJam is a great gift for everyone older than 10 years (warning: KanJam offers tremendous fun and you might get hooked on KanJam ;-)
  • KanJam can be played everywhere e.g. indoor, outdoor, playgrounds, beaches, but also in the snow or at parties!
  • KanJam is robust, sustainable and is made entirely of recycled materials that are extremely strong.
  • KanJam is easy to store or to take with you in it’s own KanJam Game Box

 Give the perfect gift; get KanJam!