Outdoor exercise with KanJam

Enjoy all the health benefits of outdoor exercise

It’s cold, you say? That’s what gloves are for! It gets dark too early, you say? Then go for KanJam Illuminate sports and games products! So you see, there’s no excuse for not getting some physical activity and playing outside this winter. What’s more: outdoor exercise is really good for you! There’s no escaping the fact that extra fresh air is a necessity in the times we are living through. So take yourself outdoors with your favourite KanJam games!

The benefits of outdoor exercise
Getting outside in the winter is a great idea, especially for people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or winter blues. That’s because daylight does you good and improves your feeling of wellbeing. What’s more, not only do you sleep better after exercising outdoors, you also keep your Vitamin D levels up.

Illuminate the world!
Did you know that KanJam has a wide range of illuminated products, including footballs, volleyballs, KanJam goals and flying discs that shine in the dark? This adds another dimension to KanJam that’s fun and challenging. The obvious added benefit is that you can carry on playing your favourite games after dark. What’s more, our Illuminate products are real must-haves! See them here at KanJam Illuminate product range.

The best places to exercise outdoors
There is outside and truly outside. To enjoy the full benefits of the great outdoors, make sure you are near greenery when you work out. Research conducted by the University of Essex reveals how the positive effects of outdoor physical activity are magnified when you are in pleasant green surroundings. So be sure to look for a natural environment when you go outdoors! Moreover, research carried out by the VU Medical Centre shows that the air in woods and parks is cleaner than it is in built-up areas. Finally, research from the University of East Anglia shows that exercising in green surroundings is more ‘addictive’ and motivating than exercising in the city or at a leisure centre.

So let’s go outside and remember to take our favourite KanJam product along with us!