A summer of having fun together with KanJam

The summer of having fun together

It was another summer of having fun together with KanJam! Because KanJam is a fantastic game for all ages.This makes KanJam the ideal game to take along with you on holiday, whether you’re heading off into Europe or staying in your own country.

The game for the outdoor season

At the campsite, in the park on the beach or in the garden: KanJam can be played anywhere! This is what makes this sports game so suitable for the outdoor season. You can set it up in no time, which means you can start playing right away. Play in pairs, with the whole family or organise a tournament at your holiday destination: anything goes!

Social distancing couldn’t be easier

Because the Kans stand a considerable number of metres apart, social distancing couldn’t be easier! Of course wherever you are, you want to be able to enjoy your summer holidays. So remember to pack your KanJam set.

Extra convenient: the Kans can easily be taken apart allowing them to be transported flat, which means they barely take up any space. You’ll have plenty of room left for all your luggage and camping gear.

Water fun and KanJam on the picnic table

Not only is the Original KanJam Game Set popular among Europe’s holidaymakers, the KanJam SPLASH Game Set is also a genuine summer hit! That’s because this smaller-sized game floats on water, so you can easily take it along to play the swimming pool or the lake. If you are up for a bigger challenge, take KanJam SPLASH with you into the sea where the wave makes things even trickier. If you’d rather stay dry, then check out the KanJam Mini Game Set! It’s perfect for use on the picnic table or garden table.

You can find all KanJam products that will make your summer even more fun in our shop.

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