How do you become a seasoned KanJam player?

8 tips from the European Champions

The rules for playing a game of KanJam are simple, but actually throwing the disc in the ‘cans’ is another matter entirely. We asked Maurice and Erwin – the winners of the KanJam European Championship – for a few practical tips.

How do you become a seasoned KanJam player? According to Maurice and Erwin, if you use the following tips, you’ll be well on your way:

  1. Find a place where you have space for a good throw. In other words: a place where not every stray throw will, for example, hit a car or wind up in a tree.
  2. Find a KanJam buddy so that you get used to playing together and know each others strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Get together a group of enthusiastic KanJam players in your area so that you have enough opponents to play against. For instance, organise a tournament with your friends, a neighbourhood association, sport club, with co-workers or with family. Based on their experience, Maurice and Erwin can say that success is guaranteed and that it often leads to new KanJam enthusiasts.
  4. Try practicing from time to time when it’s windy outside (which in the fall shouldn’t be too difficult…). If you are only used to playing in force two wind, it is fairly difficult to also play successfully in stronger winds. There was quite a lot of wind during the European Championships, which made throwing considerably more difficult.
  5. Also try playing in the rain. This is because playing with a wet disc is much more difficult than with a dry disc. Playing in the mud also adds an entirely different dimension to the game! ;-)
  6. Keep improving yourself. When you train with your KanJam buddy, try to reach 21 points in the fewest possible throws. When you are able to do that consistently within ten throws, you’ll be doing very well!
  7. Get lots of practice! Because when it comes to KanJam, practice makes perfect.
  8. And above all, have fun!

 Good luck!