KanJam 1v1 variants

Endless variations with KanJam

How do you play KanJam 1-versus-1? Take your pick, because there are different ways of doing so. Most of all, KanJam 1v1 is great for improving your KanJam skills. Even if you’ve only just started playing KanJam, this form of playing is highly recommended. The official rules require KanJam to be played by two teams of two players. However, you can also get started playing KanJam if there are only two of you.

Why play KanJam 1v1?

KanJam 1v1 is great for learning the game. It helps you become familiar with the sports game and you can use it as a training method to take your KanJam skills to the next level. When there are just two of you playing, you’ll get plenty of time to practice and you’ll notice a rapid improvement in your skills!

How do you play KanJam 1v1?

Start playing KanJam 1v1! If you don’t know how, here are a few tips!

  • Choose your distance. When you play KanJam by the official rules, you place the cans quite some distance apart. If you’ve just started playing, place them a little closer together. When you notice that you’re getting better at throwing and dunking, increase the distance.
  • Get ready. If you want to be sure that you’re using the correct stance, keep your knees bent and put your weight over the balls of your feet. This way you will be able to react quickly and slam the disc into or against the can. Bonus tip: touch the ground before you start playing. This will help raise your awareness of your stance.
  • Playing catch with the disc. If your throws aren’t yet as accurate as they need to be, just put the cans to one side for a while and concentrate on throwing. Stand a short distance apart. Not too far from each other and not too close. You’ll work out for yourself what the right distance is. See how often you can throw and catch the disc without dropping it. This will force you to throw straight and adopt the proper stance so you can react quickly and catch the disc. Once you find it is getting easier, introduce the cans again.
  • First to reach 21 points. Instead of placing the cans opposite one another, place them next to each other. You and your opponent have a can each. Stand at the same distance from the cans and throw your discs at your own can at the same time. Who will be the first to reach 21 points? This kind of training will familiarise you with the point-scoring system and you can concentrate on your throwing skills.
  • 5 minutes to score. Keep on challenging yourself and try to score as many points together as you can in five minutes (or a different set time). Place the cans opposite each other at a distance that is challenging for both of you and set the timer! The idea is to keep on trying to beat your record.
  • Reach 21 points in the fastest time. Place the cans opposite one another at the desired distance apart and work together to score 21 points as quickly in the shortest possible time. Now everything will come together! The throwing, the dunking and the scoring system. We bet that you will soon manage to improve your best time!
  • Get fit. If your level of fitness isn’t what you’d like it to be, then add another dimension to your game. After throwing the disc, sprint to your opponent’s can, touch the ground and sprint back to your own can.

As you can see, KanJam 1v1 offers plenty of opportunities for improving your skills and seeing the sports game from a whole new perspective. By concentrating on a single aspect of the game every now and then, you will be able to improve a specific skill. A good KanJam player can throw well, react quickly and succeed in tapping the disc into or against the cans. Keep switching between the different KanJam 1v1 game variants and you’ll be a pro in no time!