KanJam as a team-building tool

Did you know that KanJam is not only great fun, it also makes a fantastic team-building activity? Events company Sfeer & Smaak regularly organises fully-catered team-building days for its customers. We spoke to the owner: Dave Schiphorst.

Tell us, Dave...

What kind of team-building activities do you organise with Sfeer & Smaak?

The team-building days and activities that we organise for our customers are extremely varied. The aim of the team-building day strongly depends on what the customer asks us. We put together a team-building concept to suit their needs. For example, we work with renowned trainers and top athletes as well as using our own experiences and developing new ideas. Recently, we included KanJam in our range of activities and it has become very popular!

Why do you think KanJam is so popular?

Actually, KanJam’s own tag line “It’s anyone’s game” says it all. It is a game everyone can enjoy. The rules are simple and you don’t need to be a sporty person. This makes it incredibly accessible. 

How can you use KanJam as a team-building tool?

Companies often approach us with a specific team-building question. Sometimes we organise fully catered team-building days including overnight stays, meals and all-day programmes. At other times we just arrange a team-building activity that lasts a couple of hours. Whatever the question may be, we always look for a programme that perfectly matches the customer’s needs.

An easily accessible game like KanJam is exactly the sort of activity that can benefit the team dynamic and boost people’s trust in each other. You have to be able to rely on your team mate and coach each other effectively. In many cases we pick the teams in close consultation with our contacts or our trainers to make sure everyone’s talent is put to optimum use and that everyone is challenged.

What would you like to say to companies that don’t know KanJam yet?

KanJam has a high fun factor and the rules of the game are simple. Anyone can play it and that is what makes it so suitable as a team-building tool for any company. Obviously, we don’t just let participants throw the Frisbees around willy-nilly. As an events company that organises a lot of team-building days, nobody knows what to look out for and how to guide participants better than we do. We introduce the teams to the world of KanJam and turn it into a real experience.

There is a good reason why we say we develop experience concepts. The participants can of course also count on practical tips that make the game of KanJam even more enjoyable. Some participants are a little sceptical at the outset, but once they start playing they often turn out to be the ones who are the most fanatical KanJammers of all. I can therefore definitely recommend KanJam to companies looking for a team-building activity. It is surprisingly effective!