KanJam, it all started with a trash can

With a trash can?

That’s right! In the mid ‘90s, Charles Sciandra and Paul Swisher invented a frisbee game. Instead of the cans that we play with now, in those days, they played with metal rubbish bins and with simple rules. The guys liked their idea so much that they wanted to have it patented.

But was the game unique enough to do that?

Trashcan frisbee

They did not know that they had to distinguish themselves. The game as it was originally played was further developed. They devised the opening in the rubbish bins, which provide to be a brilliant idea. It made the game unique. The game was patented, after which Charles and Paul ran into the next problem. The metal rubbish bins were very heavy to transport. This meant that it was back to the drawing board for the inventors.

It turned out that finding the solution to their challenge would be no simple matter..

That is, until Charles found a piece of linoleum in his basement, which got him thinking. And the KanJam can as we now know it was born!