Game for two please!

Never before have so many games been sold as in this year. After all, we want to continue to have some pleasure through all these (partial) lockdowns in Europe. BBC News even ran a headline that toys and games have been our saving during the lockdowns. Not only were board games and jigsaw puzzles more popular than ever, outdoor games were also in high demand! There was - and remains - a lot of interest in games that can be played by two people. And what Covid-19 proof game for two can be more fun than KanJam?!

KanJam For two!

Action, fun and fresh air

As well as giving us fun in good company, being out in the fresh air does us good. Yes, we know: it’s autumn. That may bring gusty and stormy weather, but you can still have beautiful days in autumn. So let’s get out! With your game for two. KanJam is the perfect game to play while we are dealing with Covid-19. You are active, the game is lots of fun, and you can play outdoors! Sooner stay indoors? We also have a mini set:, that is perfect for indoor fun!

Facts & Figures

  • In the UK, sales of outdoor toys increased by 31%. (BBC News).
  • In the Netherlands, five times as many sports goods were sold as normal; 72 times the usual number of badminton nets were sold, and eight times the usual number of trampolines. (Volkskrant)
  • In the USA, sales of playground equipment increased by no less than 81% in April. (Licence Global).
  • In Germany, the purchases of KanJam doubled, while in the UK sales of KanJam products rose by 50%.
  • With (large online store in the Netherlands and Belgium), twice as many boardgames were sold, particularly games for adults that can be played by two. (Hart van Nederland)

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