The most exceptional KanJam spots in Europe

Despite its modest size, the Netherlands is home to a rich diversity of natural and cultural heritage. From its vast sandy beaches to its miles of forest and undulating moorland. We have listed a number of exceptional places that are worth visiting, both in their own right and because they are ideal for playing a game of KanJam! As such, you can combine a day of fresh air and culture with the most exciting flying disc game there is! Please note though: wherever you play KanJam, always make sure you show respect for nature.

  1. Domburg Beach

In the province of Zeeland’s oldest seaside resort, you will find one of the most stunning, wide sandy beach along the Dutch coast. It’s worth knowing that in 2020, the beach received the international ‘Blue Flag’ environmental award for the 32nd time. This means that the water is of excellent quality for swimming and that the beach is kept nice and clean. Domburg has also won the title of ‘Cleanest beach in the Netherlands’ on a number of occasions. //

  1. Dakpark Rotterdam

A unique, nine-metre-high park that stretches 1,200 metres in length. Dakpark Rotterdam is one of the largest roof parks in Europe. It’s a beautiful green spot in an urban area, and of course it offers spectacular views of the port of Rotterdam! Besides there being plenty of space to set up your KanJam set, the roof park is also home to animals, vegetable gardens, a water stairway and BBQ areas. //

  1. Kootwijkerzand

Kootwijkerzand covers an area of seven square kilometres, making it the largest sand drift in Western Europe. If you go there, be sure to take a walk in the open landscape of the Veluwe National Park. Kootwijkerzand is also known as the Sahara of the Low Countries. In this nature reserve, you are allowed to leave the path in certain places and stroll around on the sand, so you’re free to pick your own ultimate KanJam spot.

  1. The New Dutch Waterline

The water line defended a large part of the provinces of North and South Holland as well as the city of Utrecht. The line was 85 kilometres long and included 46 forts. The New Dutch Waterline is a National Monument which features on the World Heritage List. There are walking and cycling routes of various lengths to be found along the line. You can also park your car at the Van Rijnauwen Fort. This is the largest and greenest of the forts along the New Dutch Waterline. The fortress is set in the beautiful natural scenery of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park and heathland with plenty of places for a picnic and ample space for a game of KanJam! //


  1. Frontenpark Maastricht

If you give nature free rein, a fantastic place will arise! In the south of the Netherlands you will find a rolling stretch of natural parkland spanning no less than 20 hectares, right in the heart of the city of Maastricht. It is a piece of cultural heritage that offers a wide range of options for walks and other outdoor activities. For example, take a stroll along the water and the old fortifications, also known as the ‘Du Moulin Line’. The park borders onto a heath where you’ll find the large round Gasholder (cultural and events venue). The heath is a perfect spot for KanJam! //

Have you ticked one or more of these locations off your ‘KanJam bucket list’? If so, share your photos/films and get featured! #favouritekanjamspot