The perfect sport game at a 1.5-metre distance

In usual times the outdoor sport and games season would have been well underway. Now of course things are a bit different... And even when you are allowed out to exercise with other people, you have to maintain a safe distance between you. It looks like it’s set to stay that way for the time being. As such, modified rules have been imposed on football matches, basketball tournaments and all other contact sports. This is not so with KanJam. Although it is a sport with many variations, the original game is played at a distance from your opponent. This makes it ideal.

KanJam is a must-have

Those KanJam sets are a real must-have. Use them at home or in the park. They’re ideal for playing with friends, neighbours or family while keeping a safe distance. Our experience has shown that KanJam is fun for everyone from elite athletes to couch potatoes! You can play it like a pro or take things at a leisurely pace. That’s what makes it so much fun and accessible. Watch out though: it is also highly addictive. So you’re sure to get plenty of exercise in the time ahead!

Infinite variations

There are an infinite number of ways to play KanJam. You can even start playing KanjJam on your own, even though it’s more fun if there are two (or more) of you of course. There are also all kinds of game variants that you can play as a team. So you’ll never tire of playing KanJam! We regularly share KanJam challenges through our social media channels, to help you to discover new variations of the game.

Outdoor games in the 1.5-metre society

KanJam is therefore the perfect game for playing safely in the new 1.5-metre society. The chances are that we’re all getting a little less exercise than usual. Well, KanJam is the solution! Because believe us when we say that once you start playing, you won’t want to stop! Odds on it will have you bursting with energy! In addition to this well-known flying disc game, we offer a range of other products for outdoor fun! You can find them in the web store.