Let’s shine!

Let KanJam Illuminate light up the darkest days of the year

These are the dark days before Christmas. All over Europe, it’s getting colder and colder outside, and winter is coming. Time to snuggle down on the couch with a hot chocolate, right? No way! This is a fantastic time to play KanJam! Why? Simply because it’s getting dark nice and early, offering the perfect opportunity to shine with your KanJam Illuminate Game Set!

Next-level KanJam

It’s the same game, but with a completely different dimension that makes it challenging and incredibly fun. Spectators in particular will enjoy the spectacle of a game of Illuminate KanJam! Malouke (one of our fans) totally agrees:

‘KanJam is a fantastic game! I absolutely had to try out the Illuminate version, and it’s won me over. What a great way to put on a light show. There aren’t many games that you can play easily in the dark without extra lighting. In my opinion, this is a must-have for dark winter days. It’s next-level KanJam.’

Christmas gifts

If you don’t have any of our Illuminate products yet, be sure to check out our shop! Did you realise that in addition to the Illuminate KanJam Originals, we also have Illuminate balls in our range? These make great Christmas gifts for the fanatic players of volleyball, football, basketball and American Football in your life! Just saying...